Alumni - Students with completed studies

We congratulate our students who have successfully completed their studies!

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Nisai C.

Phnom Penh

Studies: Bachelor im 2019 at Royal University of Phnom Penh

Current job: Permanent position with a young IT company

SPONSOR & MENTOR: U.R., living in the area of Zurich

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Lyhorng Y.

Phnom Penh

Studies: Bachelor in 2019 at National University of Management

Current job: Bank employee in Phnom Penh

SPONSOR & MENTOR: CH.B., living in the area of Vorarlberg

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Sokly R.

Phnom Penh

Studies: Bachelor in 2019 at National University of Management

Current job: Seller in an electronic company 

SPONSOR & MENTOR: Family W., living in the area of Aarau


Sreymean T.

Phnom Penh

Studies: Bachelor in Accounting in 2019 at Vanda Institute Phnom Penh

Current job: Bank employee in Phnom Penh; employee in the street kitchen "Les Restaurant Des Enfants"

SPONSOR & MENTOR: Family R., living in the area of Zurich 



Account information

Account name: Vereinskonto PGH People for Global Humanity, Bahnhofstrasse 30, CH-6300 Zug

IBAN: CH43 8080 8005 6274 5927 7

IID (BC-Nr.): 81487


Bank address: Raiffeisenbank, Limmatquai 68, CH-8001 Zurich

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